Local woman bravely rescues stray dog in Mangalore.
A local Mangalore woman climbed down a well to save a dog, using nothing but a rope. The Indian Express reported the story after it went viral on social media. The woman, who does not know how to swim, became a local hero after her brave deed. We were curious to know more about the story. Our hearts melted when we saw the look on the dog’s face. The stray dog fell into the open well in Mangalore, a coastal city in Karnataka. There are many open wells in the city that require immediate attention from the local government. Kids and animals are often soft targets that fall into the well while playing or running on the roads. This time, our furry friend got lucky!

How did the woman come to the dog’s rescue?
Several locals in the area heard the trapped dog’s cries. The brave woman, identified as Rajani Damodar Shetty, decided to tie a rope around her waist and climb down to the dog’s rescue. Most of the locals were extremely hesitant to go down the well, understandably. An onlooker posted a video on Twitter showing the woman climbing down and pulling the dog to safety. The video begins with the dog frantically paddling around in the water, and a woman descending into the well. The dog was slowly losing her strength as she was just minutes away from giving up due to exhaustion.