Karelian Bear Dogs are now scaring away bears (while protecting them).

Rangers are now using bear dogs to help chase away encroaching bears. The people of Novaya Zemlya (in Russia) recently faced a new problem- dozens of polar bears descended in the Russian archipelago. Everyone was clueless and afraid when the bears ruined their homes and buildings. Bears are an endangered species, and according to federal law, it is illegal to shoot them. Oil companies have also begun large scale expansion into bear territory. Scientists are now figuring out ways to allow development, while looking out for the majestic bears.

According to Alan Myers from the Fish and Wildlife department at Washington, when a bear shows up at a dump, there are only two options. either One is to corner the animal and kill it. The other is to euthanise the animal and keep it for However, Carrie Hunt, a bear biologist, is on a mission to find non-lethal methods to avoid human-bear conflicts. She was inspired by how dogs can be used to scare the bear away. Wildlife rangers at Wind River Bear Institute, Florence, trained dogs to become “bear shepherds.” They bark at the bears when they get close to human settlements, scaring them away.