This heroic veterinarian spends his spare time healing the pets of the homeless.
A kind veterinarian in California was motivated to set up a pet care option for homeless people. After many people lost their homes in 2011, Dr. Kwane Stewart came up with a brilliant idea. Many homeless people who were unable to care for their pets found their saviour in this gentle doctor.

The homeless cannot afford veterinarian care.
We all love our pets and love to play with them at the end of a tiring day. In return, they give us endless love and loyalty. Ideally, some animals get a loving home. Many people who have pets but who can no longer support them try and surrender their dogs at shelters. While strays can survive on the streets, it is harder for those animals that had a home for a part of their lives before losing it. One compassionate veterinarian figured out a way to help homeless people care for their loved pets in California. This veterinarian has been helping dogs for over a decade.

A kind veterinarian’s observation
In the year 2011, Dr. Kwane Stewart was heartbroken when he noticed the number of pets being surrendered at his veterinary clinic. He felt helplesss because there was not much he could do. As more people lost homes, he only saw the numbers increasing. People wanted to keep their once furry companion at a shelter rather than abandoning them on roads, and leaving them homeless just like them.

The ‘GoFundMe’ campaign begins
To help these animals, Dr. Stewart brought his veterinary supplies to a nearby soup kitchen event in order to treat many homeless pets in a single space. After realizing that about 25% of homeless families owned pets, the kindhearted veterinarian became more determined. Of course, house calls were no longer possible. The veterinarian therefore called these homeless people to the soup kitchen for check ups. If necessary, he would vaccinate them. Dr. Stewart would also treat them without any charges. He saved countless animals in his spare time.