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On any given day you can walk through a shelter and see everyone tending to their duties – volunteers walking the dogs, staff members cleaning their cages, doing laundry, and feeding them.Contact us anytime WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU AND THE PETS.

Frequently Asked Questions
how are rescued animals treated ?

 Animal rescue organizations bring cats in from the cold almost as often as dogs. Both kittens and cats get placed in shelters because they’re allowed to roam out of the house and got lost. Pet parents not wanting their cats or abusing their cats are other reasons why they are taken into shelters.

How to make adoption ?

The pet is given and we take the photo and ID proof of the person adopting and take the adoption fee.

where are the donations been used ?

 In addition to providing important socialization through contact with new humans and animals, foster pet parents often pick up the day-to-day costs of pet ownership, like toys and food.

Are the animals in the shelter are regularly vaccinated ?

Yes,the pets are vaccinated every often with recommendation of the well known and professional veternary doctors and monthly checks are regular.

Does shelter provide healthy food and hygienic place ?

Yes,pets are provided with healthy food with protiens and also hygienic place to live and play.

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